Our Animas
2019 Edition

Our Animas was created by an ARCF committee that
shared a common vision of creating an educational
document that would address community concerns,
use locally collected data, promote the understanding
of river health, and share actions that community
members can take to support river resiliency. We
intend to update this document every other year. 

Our Animas answers the following community questions:

1) Is my water safe to drink?
2) Is my water safe to play in?
3) Is food produced with my water safe to eat?
4) Is the river safe for fish and wildlife?
5) How is the overall function of the Animas River system?
6) How is the Animas River important to our quality of life?
7) What is impacting the natural system?
8) Can the river sustain impacts?
9) What is my impact on the river and what can I do?

For each question, widely recognized indicators are used to reflect current local data to tell the story of the river.
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